Cool Projects

These are some of the projects I’ve worked on over the years.

  • XML Order Import System for Microsoft Dynamics (Great Plains)
  • Rewrite and platform upgrade to port old Windows CE system run on new Motorola/Zebra hardware
  • Single-Page Enterprise-Wide, Daily Financial Snapshot
    Creates a daily single-page report of overview of the health of the entire enterprise, for top-level management. Makes managing easier and more effective without being buried in details.
  • Live Customer Map
    Built system to merge sales data into Google Maps, to easily allow finding under-served areas for additional marketing efforts.
  • Web-based Scholarship Application Scoring System.
    System allows remote viewing and scoring of actual scholarship applications, including both digital information, hand-written essays and notes as well as assignment of grants
  • Email Security System
    Filters both inbound and outbound email for human inspection if it appears to violate company policies. Strips off all unapproved-attachments. Protects internal network and users from email-based attacks.
  • Mobile One-Time Passwords
    System requires users to be in possession of their cell phone and PIN, in addition to their normal credentials. This makes password-stealing viruses and Trojans ineffective.
  • Online/offline sales quote and salesforce management system.
    Laptop-based application usable both on-line and off-line by sales force of a multi-national corporation for Quotes. Back-end Oracle database collects and analyzes data and produces sales, income and profit prediction reports for top-level management, based on learned closing rate for sales people.
  • Predictive Sales Recommendation System.
    Creates product and service sales recommendations for individual customers based on a comparison between the customer’s buying patterns and the buying patterns of other customers.
  • Real-time network usage billing system for global network.
    Collects and bills for usage on a global IP network with thousands of customers and allows different rate plans for any or all customers. Replaced two sixteen-processor Oracle servers and significantly increased billing and reduced recurring expenses.
  • Real-Time Production Data Integration and Reporting.
    Wrote data collection and  reporting system that obtained data from plastic molding machines and created real-time management reports based on machine and operator performance.
  • Self-Healing Website for Extremely High-Profile Target
    System continuously monitors entire file system for unauthorized changes, and immediately replaces any changed files with originals from a read-only CMS server.This is a “belt-and-suspenders” approach that repairs any unauthorized changes caused by unknown threats that manage to bypass the primary system security. System has been under attack constantly for more than ten years and has never been successfully hacked or defaced.
  • Web-based Contract Renewal Application
    Application creates printable, completely filled-out, valid contracts using data from the corporate ERP system. This ensures that contracts contain correct pricing for products, services and service levels. System allows sales-force to create and print or fax contracts from any web-enabled device.