My name is Terry Carmen, and I created CNY Support to give small and mid-range Central New York businesses the tools and information they need to compete on an equal footing with huge corporations.

CNY Support is founded on my personal beliefs:

  • I believe in honesty and fairness in all things.
  • I believe in using plain English.
    If you’re feeling confused or suspicious when talking to a vendor, it’s not because you’re stupid, it’s because the vendor doesn’t really understand what he’s talking about or is trying to confuse you.

A true subject expert can explain complex topics so they can be easily understood.

  • I believe that amazingly useful technology doesn’t need to be amazingly expensive.
    Underneath all the marketing hype, everything you see on the internet is just software. And we write software. If you’ve seen it or can imagine it, chances are excellent that you can have it.


The initial consultation is completely free with no obligation.