My name is Terry Carmen and I’ve lived in Syracuse my entire life. My family has owned and operated various CNY businesses for close to 100 years.

I’ve created systems for some of the largest and most successful companies in the world as well as some of the smallest.

One of the big secrets in Big Business is that when you strip away all the buzzwords, the technology they use to dominate their market isn’t all that complex. It’s usually big, and well thought-out, but there’s no magic.

It turns out that with a little effort, small and mid-range companies can have access to the same kind of functionality. This doesn’t mean that you’re about to turn into a threat to Amazon.com, but it does mean that we can help you can turn into a significant threat to your competitors.

If there are aspects of your business that could really take off with a little bit of the right kind of help (or you’re just curious to see what’s available), just call or click, and I’ll be happy to stop by and meet with you.