Retired From IT, But not From Business

After many years of sitting in a cubicle writing software, I have decided to retire, and have started a new business repairing home appliances.

This was one of my first jobs out of school and I enjoyed it quite a bit, and decided that i wanted to do it again.

If your refrigerator, freezer, washer, dryer, stove or microwave oven needs service, please let me know and I’ll be happy to come out and take care of it.

Make an appointment for a service call

Also, since this is my business, I get to make the rules.

So I eliminated all the things that bothered me about other service companies.

I don’t make appointments for “morning” or “afternoon” or “Thursday”, I make appointments for a specific day and time. And I actually show up.

This means you don’t need to waste a day of vacation time sitting home, hoping a technician shows up. Just pick the day and time and I’ll be there.

Also, if your appliance isn’t fixable, or you decide you don’t want to fix it, there’s no charge.

This is how I think things should work, so that’s how I do it.